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And now, those worthy of LINKAGE!

MegaTokyo - The adventures of Largo and Piro in the Land of the Rising Sun was the first webcomic I ever read, and remains an inspiration to me.

Exploitation Now - Oh, Poe and his wicked sense of humor. This tasteless sex-joke comic has grown into an incredible sci-fi-ish storyline - and in the mean time, forgotten it's two "main characters."

Penny Arcade - Gabe and Tycho beat the crap out of the video game industry three times a week. I love these guys, I don't remember the last time I read a PA without laughing.

BoxJam's Doodle - This comic is a masterpiece. It's almost the epitome of simplicity, but BoxJam is subtly hilarious - from taking out the garbage to traveling everywhere by boat because the author can't draw cars.

Something Positive - Relatively new (Dec 2001), Something Positive lacks all pretenses of being politically correct, but is not low brow. Far from it - often intelligent, Something Awful rewards its readers an astonishing 7 times a week.

Pentasmal - Aaron Farber must be the weirdest guy ever. If you want random - and I mean RANDOM - you want Pentasmal. YOU WILL GET NOTHING!!!

Warp 9 to Hell - Another non-PC comic strip, except this time they acknowlege and have fun with that fact. You've got Mofo and Usagi, the main characters, Mangler, the foreign exchange student from Ohio, and Bob, the makeup-wearing-goth-chicklike guy. Good stuff.

Avalon - Avalon is an impressive (yet Canadian ^_^) comic that follows the adventures of heroine Celideh through her last three years of high school. A deep and involving storyline makes this one a winner.

Real Life - Greg Dean presents to us a comic that is often geek-service, so of course I love it. The main characters do everything from building a full-size mech to going to the future to get better gaming consoles to dating anime characters. Their coffee table is also made out of TMA-01.

BOASAS - Boy on a Stick and Slither is an interesting comic. That sounds bad. It isn't, but it certainly is bizarre. The offbeat adventures of a Boy on a Stick and a Snake will bring grins to your face.

Sawdust - Hackler Mill is the setting for this often-laugh-riot of a strip. Poor Jim, with a college degree and everything, is thrust into a mill full of death and code violations, and is stuck trying to clean it all up.

Superosity - This is the strip from the God of Keenspot himself, Chris Crosby. Some 700 strips make up the archives, and this out-there comic will make you shake your head and laugh at the same time.

Kung Fool - Y'know those kung-fu TV shows on midday on the lesser networks? This comic takes place at one of them. Quirky and lovable characters populate this great look into syndicated TV.

Lethal Doses - Hot Soup is the man. The original Lethal Doses was great (and should be back online at some point), but the new strips keep the dream alive. Just plain funny, and with good art.

Mac Hall - Mac Hall is the pinnacle of visual comics, in my opinion. It looks great, it hits just the right spot, and certain strips (like the "Weapon of Choice" homage/parody) are just comic classics, no matter how you cut it.

Residence Life - One quick thing - this site kicks ass. The layout and design. Now, to the comic. Funny as hell. The adventures of two guys in their dorm and their conspiracy against their RA made my sides hurt while going through their archives.

Framed!!! - Ever heard of the 4th Wall? Well, forget about it when reading this bad boy. Characters stuck in a comic strip constantly try to escape and also enjoy many other fun adventures. Framed!!! takes an idea and runs with it - and then jumps, swims and flies with it as well.

The New Adventures of Bobbin - Made by a teenage girl in Singapore, TNAoB is riotously funny and full of - what I assume to be - brutal truths. Then again, I'm not a girl.

Spooner - A rarity, an online comic that is also syndicated nationally (globally?). Ted Dawson's acute observations of married life and love hit close to home. Wait, I'm not married... but still... (note: ended in June, but archives still worth a read)

The Daily Victim - A feature on GameSpy, The Daily Victim combines Dave Kosak's wit with Hot Soup's drawing every day. Good stuff.

Everything Jake - Follow Jake, Kelly, and Megoth as they work their way through college, and all the problems involved (including drugs, women, beer, mutant pokemon and the word "quck")

Amphetamine - This comic started, ended, and restarted, and is progressing very slowly. I love the art though. Take a look.

Daily Suppository - A new comic that is humor in the style of Pentasmal, and done as well as Pentasmal too! Great, great stuff.

You Damn Kid - A nostalgic look back at life in the -- wait a second, this isn't typical 1950ish life!

? - The daily adventures of Professor Ashfield pushes the limits of being a lazy artist.

idec.fixe - Do you love Locale AM? I love Locale AM. Do you love Flat Eric? I love Flat Eric. - Ricardo del Monte's homepage.

Never Decaf - A pal of mine's short lived comic. IT WILL RETURN!

Studio Cracka - A joint effort with me and two other comic artists.

My Sketchbook - Featured on Studio Cracka.

Tina - the Comic - My *other* comic... Well... it's interesting.

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