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Victims of the System t-shirts are finally being made available over the web! These are professionally screen printed, and are built to last! I've had mine for almost a year, and it still looks great. Secure payments by PayPal.
Note: The "I'm a Victim" and "Dumbness" style shirts are available in multiple color choices. Please specify your choices in both ink and shirt colors in the box provided; if there is no information, colors seen on preview shirts will be shipped.

"I'm a Victim" style T-Shirt

Shirt Size
Ink/Shirt Colors
+$3 shipping

"Your Dumbness" style T-Shirt

Shirt Size
Ink / Shirt Colors
+$3 shipping

"L33T" style T-Shirt

Shirt Size
+$3 shipping

"Jim the Elf" style T-Shirt

Shirt Size
+$3 shipping

Victims of the System buttons are of a very high quality, and are 1" in diameter - the perfect size for ANYWHERE. Full color, washer/dryer resistant (we found out the hard way) and long lasting. Secure payments by PayPal.

VotS Buttons
Button Design
75¢ for one

Button Special!
Get all three buttons for one low price!

$2.00 for all three

+35¢ shipping for all sales

Victims of the System stickers measure 4.25 inches by 1.38 inches, and are professionally printed in black and white on vinyl.

VotS Stickers

Ten stickers shipped directly to your mailbox!

$2.00 for ten stickers

shipping included in sticker prices

Posters, Hats, Backpacks, etc.
All of this stuff is available at the VotS CafePress store!

Jeff will draw for you if you so desire. To get character sketches, cariactures, anything, e-mail for a quote.

Coming Soon:
The Victims of the System comic book (in production)

Victims of the System is © 2001-2002 Jeff Greco, and is a production of Studio Cracka. To contact Jeff, e-mail him at Victims of the System is hosted on the LRdM.networks.